Kindai University
Multimedia Understanding Group

About MU

Multimedia Understanding (MU) targets the extraction of semantic information from multimedia data, consisting of different types of data such as image, video, text, audio, sensor data, and so on. MU methods that we aim to develop extract semantic information (e.g., objects, activities, scenes, events and emotions) based on machine learning and data mining techniques that analyse various characteristics (e.g., regularities, relations and anomalies) underlying in multimedia data.

MU group has the close collaborations with the following research groups:

  • Medical Data Science (MedDS) group at University of Lübeck (GERMANY) led by Prof. Dr. habil. Marcin Grzegorzek: We are collaborating on analysis of images, videos and sensor data related to medical applications link
  • Uehara Lab. at Graduate School of System Informatics, Kobe University (JAPAN) led by Prof. Dr. Kuniaki Uehara: We are collaborating on large-scale analysis of image and video data link