Kindai University
Multimedia Understanding Group

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Our Offices



  • N302 in Building 38: Prof. Shirahama’s office
  • N410 in Building 38: Office for master students
  • N320 in Building 38: Office for bachelor students


How do our offices look like?

The picture below shows the exterior of Building 38 where our offices located.


The picture below shows the entrance of the office for bachelor students (N320 in Building 38).



Research Equipments



We are currently using the following high performance servers to efficiently analyse large-scale data.

  • Four high performance GPU servers (equipped with four RTX 2080Ti, or TITAN RTX etc.)
  • Three high performance CPU servers equipped with Xeon CPUs

We are buying new servers from time to time. Now, we are setting up two new high performance GPU servers, each of which is equipped with two RTX 3090.


PCs for students

  • One student can use at least one or more PCs that are individually equipped with GTX 1080Ti or RTX 2080Ti.


Other information

Remote access

Since Prof. Shirahama found MU group, we are working on a remote environment where students can access servers and their own PCs from the outside of the university. So, students can work with no difficulty during the current corona crisis.

Also, our weekly group meeting is held using a video conference system. So, students do not have to come to the office as long as they can report their research updates at the group meeting.


Code management and review

We are using GitLab to manage source codes used in our research.

In addition, GitLab is running on a virtual server. If you are interested, you can improve your technical skills for network infrastructures.


How to proceed research

No core time

Students can work whenever and wherever they want. But, students are asked to report their research updates at the weekly group meeting that is usually held on Thursday afternoon. If a student has something to do at the group meeting time, he/she can contact Prof. Shirahama to personally report his/her research update.



We have a weekly group meeting where students report their research updates. Based on this, some students have a personal meeting with Prof. Shirahama.